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Can A Search Engine Becomes Truly Intelligent With Artificial Intelligence?

on Tuesday, 28 November 2017. Posted in Artificial Intelligence

We all are familiar with the word search engine. Thanks to the search engines because of them, we get bulk information from all over the world at our single click. The owners of the search engine try different algorithms to make them smarter. The study of artificial intelligence offers various modifications in the algorithm used by the search engines.

Basically, we use the internet for getting any information. Hence, daily we come across search engines that fetch data and provide us for our usage. If these search engines become artificially intelligent, then we will get the accurate information which is required. What will happen if search engines become intelligent?

Well, it’s a good question. Just take a look at the following points:

  • Easy interaction.
  • Concrete answers will be served.
  • Suggest related services.
  • Reduce human efforts

Just think, you want some information related to artificial neural network. You search for it on a search engine. You get results which are relevant to your search with some supporting links that is going help in improving your understanding about that concept. If we use combine the searching algorithm strategies with the artificial intelligence, then the search engine will become smarter than previous.

Search engines, basically, works on the various search algorithms. Search engines find the related answer for the query, entered in the search field. If we modify the algorithms by putting the intelligent search algorithm and then we can have a better and intelligent search engine.

Artificially intelligent search engine will give more accurate results to the queries of the user or seeker. If we use machine learning in the process of making the intelligent search engine, then we can obtain better results for sure.

Machine learning will boost the performance of the search engine by learning itself from the previous search experiences. Just we have to let the search engine get training while we continuously search using different queries. If we constantly use different queries for a certain result to obtain, the search engine will learn itself and next time will show more accurate result for the relevant queries.

Users will find it more convenient and delighted by the result provided on the search engine result page. Searching will become easier and faster, which will reduce the time consumed in searching. The search engine must be made such that it will start learning as the user enters a query and click on a particular page.

So, basically this article will give the answer to the question “can a search engine becomes truly intelligent with artificial intelligence?” If the search engine get combined with the artificial intelligence algorithm, then an artificially intelligent search engine can be constructed which will provide more comfort in searching particular information.

Why Not Use Pattern Recognition System to Track Endanger Species?

on Tuesday, 21 November 2017. Posted in Artificial Intelligence

Several times, we hear the news about the tiger found dead. We all are aware of this beautiful and ferocious animal. Once, forest used to hear the roar of this animal, but now this scenario is rare. Due to illegal poaching and various diseases, we are losing this alluring animal. Basic problem is keeping an eye on the population of this endangered animal and poaching. Artificial intelligence has a solution to any problem. Yes, I am talking about using a pattern recognition system for keeping track of these endangered species.

Even, there are various other species like Royal Bengal Tiger, Rhinoceros, Asian Elephant, Asian lion, Blue whale, Chimpanzee, Snow Leopard, Siberian Tiger and many more. The list is endless.

Just think, how difficult it is, for human to keep track of all such an endangered species. So, why not use pattern recognition system to track endangered species? I wonder, if pattern recognition can work for human fingerprints; then why not give a try for animals.

When we look at the endangered animals, they seem similar or almost indistinguishable. But still there exists a difference between the two individuals of the same species. Take an example of Tiger. There are strips on the body of this animal. The tigers have a specific pattern of the strips.

Taking another example of Blue whales. They have a certain variety in the patterns available on their body. Just think about our fingerprints. Each fingerprint differs from one another. Same is the case with whales and other animals as mention above.When I am saying about pattern recognition system, it will be using machine learning techniques.

How can we design the system?
Firstly, the question arises “what we require for building such system?” Well, the answer is simple. We will require the differentiating patterns of the animals, we want to track. Take an example of the tiger.

As I have mentioned above, tigers have various strip patterns that can help in differentiating them from one another. Then we have to decide a region where the animal of that pattern mostly occurs. Actually, tigers have their own marked territory. So, it’s quite easy to track it in a particular region.

Finally, by using the concepts of pattern matching and machine learning, we can construct a machine which is having the patterns of the animal and we can install it in the jungle in a particular place.

Now, whenever the animal gets encountered, the system will track it and record it. If anything goes unusual, then reports can be generated and the problem can get resolved.

Reason for my writing is to improve the system for tracking the endangered species. Artificial intelligence has a solution for the tracking of animals. If such system is used for the tracking of the endangered species, then it will be helpful in efficiently tracking the animals. This will be easier for the tracking of animals and even help in checking the number of the species.

If such system gets installed in the forest, then we can track many species and can save them for our future generation. This will reduce the humans and animal conflicts and also make the tracking easier.

Are Machines Capable of Beating Humans?

on Tuesday, 14 November 2017. Posted in Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, more and more work is done using computers. Undoubtedly, machines have the ability to perform tasks that are not possible for a human being. Computers are made intelligent by using artificial neural network models. Due to machine learning algorithms, systems can perform analysis and give more accurate results. After knowing all these advancements, are machines capable of beating humans? Well, this is a labyrinthine question. Even, if computers get advanced, they still require human intervention.

Many times, it happens that your system hangs while performing. Even, if your system is completely built using artificial intelligence, after getting hanged, it will require human to restart it. The system won’t get restarted in such conditions, automatically.

An artificial neural network is a wonderful field which deals with the creation of models that can think. But, there are only few advancements happened in this field. If we develop systems using artificial neural network then our systems can become intelligent. But that doesn’t mean, you are system is handling you. You will be the master of the system as always.

Let’s talk about machine learning. It is a part of artificial intelligence which deals with using the machine for concluding accurate results from an experiment. Here, your system learns from its past and present experiences. Providing learning ability to a system is itself a wonderful task. This doesn’t mean that its intelligence is equal to yours. You will be always more intelligent than the computer.

Some experts have shown concern about the increasing artificially intelligent computers or robots will be harmful to the humans in the future. But at the same time, we get a contradictory answer from the other expert saying it is not harmful at all.

Honestly, let me clear the ambiguity in your mind. All the experts may be correct at their point. But, the reality is that there is no harm to human beings from intelligent system. The complete system is dependent on human even though it is intelligent. Unless human, interferes in any task, it is not possible for the system to do anything on its own.

Our real life is not a science fiction where we call our robot, and it follow the complete instruction without human interference. Still, the computer will require you to order it what to do. But, we cannot say anything about the future. Artificial intelligence is said to be developing the future systems. Hence, what will happen next is not possible to predict.

But, we should not fear about the intelligent system and always remember that “Human is the creator of the computer. Computer do not create human.”


Finally, we can say that Machines are not capable of beating humans, still. They are dependent on humans. Humans create computer and the computer doesn’t create humanity.

There are no issues of beating humans. Human beings are superior to machines. Humans are masters of computer. Always keep in mind that intelligent systems still don’t possess the power to beat human.

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