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Bright Future Of Artificial Intelligence Lies In The Rise Of Robots

on Tuesday, 10 October 2017. Posted in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a research field composed of computer science, physiology, psychology, and philosophy. It is combines several fields, ranging from machine vision to expert systems. Recent growth of functionality and ubiquity of the Internet and computers has made possible the estimation of the growth rate of technology. Scientists say that, the world will be full of power computer micro chips that can be utilized in various gadgets and even human body.

When we talk about artificial intelligence along with robotics, the first scenario that emerges in front is of the robots. The century marked the rise in the robots for various purposes such as cooking, predicting the calamities, making children learn, and many more. Robots are making human life easier as compare to the olden days. Not just robots but intelligent robots, that can think and act more like humans, are getting discovered. Artificial neural network has played a significant role in developing such advanced machines. Researchers predict that in the near future we all, will encounter such machines that move freely and contain intelligence like humans.

Why to believe that the machines will have intelligence?

Recent development in the fields of software and electronics arises confidence about the growth in the robotics. Most basic reason for optimism is large-scale production of the computers. Robotic researchers, during the 1970's and 1980's, were provided computers capable of performing millions of instructions per second(MIPS). By the 1990's, the speed of processing instructions got an increase from 10 MIPS to 50,000 MIPS. Now, the system provided to the scientists has crossed all the previous speed of processing.

There are systems which are having the machine vision that can recognize objects, textures, patterns, and even the real faces. Even the personal computers consist of speech and text recognition. When it comes to calculate, computers have the power to solve million times faster than a human.

Challenge for the roboticists

The basic challenge for a researcher with artificial intelligence as domain is programming the general systems such that, they match the capabilities of the human brain. Researchers are trying to discover the complex mechanism of the brain but landing at the discovery of the simpler one.

In the near future, there will be such robots that have the perception, thoughts and intelligence like humans. Scientists will one day find some human or animal skills that can be applied to the robots.

Is it impossible for robots to attain human like intelligence?

The enormous deficits faced by the artificial intelligence researchers, the goal of achieving human like intelligence are not out of reach. The increase in processing capacities of the computers shows how fast we are on the way to achieve the fundamental goal of artificial intelligence.


Future is full of surprises. We cannot anticipate what will come out of the research in artificial intelligence. One thing we are sure is that, the rise in the robots gives a chance to the artificial intelligence scientists to achieve their basic goal. The fundamental aim of the researchers is to give the intelligence to a robot or machine that matches the capabilities of the humans. One day, we all are going to witness the huge increase in the intelligent robot because of the artificial intelligence. So, rise in robots will provide opportunities for artificial intelligence.

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