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Can A Search Engine Becomes Truly Intelligent With Artificial Intelligence?

on Tuesday, 28 November 2017. Posted in Artificial Intelligence

We all are familiar with the word search engine. Thanks to the search engines because of them, we get bulk information from all over the world at our single click. The owners of the search engine try different algorithms to make them smarter. The study of artificial intelligence offers various modifications in the algorithm used by the search engines.

Basically, we use the internet for getting any information. Hence, daily we come across search engines that fetch data and provide us for our usage. If these search engines become artificially intelligent, then we will get the accurate information which is required. What will happen if search engines become intelligent?

Well, it’s a good question. Just take a look at the following points:

  • Easy interaction.
  • Concrete answers will be served.
  • Suggest related services.
  • Reduce human efforts

Just think, you want some information related to artificial neural network. You search for it on a search engine. You get results which are relevant to your search with some supporting links that is going help in improving your understanding about that concept. If we use combine the searching algorithm strategies with the artificial intelligence, then the search engine will become smarter than previous.

Search engines, basically, works on the various search algorithms. Search engines find the related answer for the query, entered in the search field. If we modify the algorithms by putting the intelligent search algorithm and then we can have a better and intelligent search engine.

Artificially intelligent search engine will give more accurate results to the queries of the user or seeker. If we use machine learning in the process of making the intelligent search engine, then we can obtain better results for sure.

Machine learning will boost the performance of the search engine by learning itself from the previous search experiences. Just we have to let the search engine get training while we continuously search using different queries. If we constantly use different queries for a certain result to obtain, the search engine will learn itself and next time will show more accurate result for the relevant queries.

Users will find it more convenient and delighted by the result provided on the search engine result page. Searching will become easier and faster, which will reduce the time consumed in searching. The search engine must be made such that it will start learning as the user enters a query and click on a particular page.

So, basically this article will give the answer to the question “can a search engine becomes truly intelligent with artificial intelligence?” If the search engine get combined with the artificial intelligence algorithm, then an artificially intelligent search engine can be constructed which will provide more comfort in searching particular information.

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