Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Work Culture

work culture

Artificial Intelligence Multi Soft Technology Pvt. Ltd is not only about technology, it is about our people and their statical professional growth. We hire smarter, educated and determined creative minds that are fully dedicated to developing our clientele’s main motto and that to achieve success. We favor ability over experience and provide extensive sharp training to all new employees. Our work environment is fast paced, challenging, and a whole lot of fun with more enjoyment!! That is why A.I.M.S. Technology Pvt. Ltd. is able to retain the best talent in the world.

Our small but diverse group of well-established professionals all have a genuine passion for new technology and customer service. We have a young work tech force that appreciates our unique approach to fulfill our responsibilities towards the community we live in through both our charitable involvement and green initiative.

“A.I.M.S. Technology Pvt. Ltd has set itself the goal of being the best place for the best people to work.. We provide excellent opportunity, and expect excellence in the efforts of people”.




Hard work and Smart Thinking

At A.I.M.S Technology Pvt. Ltd with alive, eat, sleep, and breathe Social Business. We are years ahead of the competition and we like keeping it that way. And we don’t just make and sell Social Business Software, we use it. Every day. To collaborate, ideate, imagine, argue, rescue, solve, and create.

We have fun

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. And we like to celebrate. There’s always a happy hour, Annual Sports Day, or holiday gathering to take our minds off work.

And we give back

No matter how busy we are, we make time to give back through volunteering and fundraising. Some the causes we support include Adopt a Family, Walk for the Cure, food drives, and more. We even give you paid time-off to volunteer for your favorite cause.

Environment: Refreshing

  • Zero-politics, zero-gossip, zero-bonds
  • Knowledge/intellectual activities focus
  • Open, non-intrusive atmosphere
  • Where the mind is without fear
  • And the head is held high

Career: Unique opportunities 

  • Fast-track career growth paths
  • Freedom to pursue technical, management and leadership paths as you grow
  • Freedom to acquire deep expertise in one area
  • Freedom to learn about a lot of things

 Work: Great 

  • Product development
  • Full-cycle projects
  • Cross-platform skills
  • Techie team, techie leadership (no management types!)
  • Challenging technology base

 “We invite you to speak to some of our people and understand what makes us happy! It is fun to work at A.I.M.S Technology Pvt. Ltd. Come. Experience the enthusiasm and passionate”

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