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Software Development

on Wednesday, 06 July 2011. Posted in Artificial Intelligence

A.I.M.S Tech Pvt. Ltd is into development of software for a series of technological platforms such as Java, Microsoft .Net Framework, PHP, Joomla and so on. On the backend side, we are very well versed with database technologies such as MySQL, MS SQL Server, and MS Access etc. and provide complete deployment and configuration services.

Taking into account the project requirements and customer interests, A.I.M.S Tech Pvt. Ltd has adopted many successful software development approaches. We are well conversant with the classic software development life cycle and equally adept in new software development trends such as the Agile methodology.

Based out of Amravati and Mumbai, India, we have a dedicated team with sound expertise for each of the platforms we work on and are catering to customers based locally as well as globally.

We develop software solutions across web, desktop, and server systems.

End-to-end customized software development which imbibes into your business as an integral part is our strength and our expertise. Tell us your requirement and we will give prepare a proposal and quote for you for free.


  • Business problem definition
  • Product development objective
  • Stakeholder viewpoint
  • Onsite-Offshore knowledge transition and requirement gathering


  • Assemble Project Team
  • Knowledge Transition
  • Define project execution strategies and communication channel
  • Customize offshore process
  • Execute offshore project
  • Review deliverables and identify areas of improvement


  • Project charter and business case
  • Documentation of user, functional and system requirements
  • Top level architecture, technical approach, and system design
  • System decomposition into component and unit specifications and design
  • Coding, unit test planning, and unit test
  • Generation of test data for unit testing and system testing
  • System integration and testing
  • Implementation, delivery and cut-over

The ultimate aim of all these phases is to comprehend the company standards, business practice, customer requirements, the specific IT system environment, and the approach to be adhered to. The offshore team definitely experiences this comprehension as a learning curve.

Requirement Analysis:

This is the process of discovering, analyzing, defining, and documenting the requirements. We measuring each and every functional requirement, non-functional requirement, technical, operational, and transitional requirements . We have experts that individually appointed for each client to collect proper and important requirements .

Architecture & Design:

selection of an appropriate architecture for the application, a good design of the application can cast your product in better environment, and finally, a good representation of the design. Our design team is well-equipped with extensive knowledge and understanding of industry-standard architectures and best practices. The team adheres to the following fundamental principles:

  • Good designs require in-depth application domain knowledge
  • Only what is hidden can be changed without risk (hence, it is important to expose interfaces and hide implementations)
  • Separation of concerns leads to standard architectures
  • Reusing designs through patterns yields faster implementation and better maintenance.The output of a design activity is a technical plan or blueprint of a system that helps the developers construct the system.

Software Testing & Quality Analysis:

Testing is a part of software development process project. Our project plan is accompanied by a test plan. While designing and coding of an application is in progress, we develop test cases. we promote random testing and bug bashes. The basic principle behind these activities is that 'formal testing can show the presence but not the absence of errors.

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