Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Digital Marketing

digital media 

Our Digital Marketing Services create awareness, sales and increased profits for every pound you spend. Utilizing online marketing channels to boost your business is no longer simply a matter of putting up a website and expecting customers to find their own way to it. digital marketing is the divide between their online and offline marketing efforts.

At a time when information-empowered prospects have become more demanding and more elusive, marketers must employ all the data they have to create unified, targeted impressions with highly relevant messages and offers.

Digital Marketing Services enable provision of tools and core processes that facilitate development of content and new initiatives across multiple digital channels. Thus, Digital Marketing Services help enterprises gain lasting competitive advantage with creation of smart and flexible digital marketing ecosystems.

Digital Marketing Services consists of

  • Specialized Marketing Services

Specialized Marketing Services help enterprises establish effective dialogue with customers. Client management capabilities such as holistic digital strategy, brand planning, marketing campaign design, channel selection / utilization, brand agency liaison, audience engagement and conversion techniques encompass specialized service offerings. 

  • Production Services

Production Services help enterprises develop simple and predictable marketing operations. It comprises core functions designed to support development, testing / validation and delivery / release of assets to the required channels. In addition to the core function, this services also includes service management and quality management functions essential for seamless operation and innovation with new channels, tools and process capabilities

  • Digital Marketing platform

Digital Marketing Platform offers a simple-to-use, rentable platform for delivery of digital services. It is an operating system that integrates all of the above mentioned services. It supports end-to-end marketing operations, starting with brief creation for campaigns to production of digital assets / properties, campaign execution and analytics. The platform is highly modular and enables marketing organizations to control, simplify and vastly quicken the process of deploying and managing global digital content and media.

AIMS’s Approach

AIMS’s Digital Marketing Services helps marketers effectively curb inflation in marketing time spend. We employ three cost-effective strategies that positively impact shareholder value. These include:

  • Decoupling creative and production activities
  • Standardization of global marketing operations
  • Adoption tools

But it is the seamless integration of these efforts – with each other and with your offline marketing programs – that delivers our clients the greatest benefits 

  • Synergy between online marketing and offline interactions 
  • Highly personalized, relevant communications across all channels of engagement
  • Improved campaign processes strategy
  • Reporting that tracks, measures and unifies traffic across all channels
  • Media-to-Media comparisons of marketing programs and media spending
  • Ability to focus on high-payoff channels and optimize marketing ROI

The Benefits

Long Term Results – Effective campaigns establish long-term visitor traffic that deliver a valuable stream of potential customers, week after week, year after year.

Viral Effectiveness – Optimized websites gain interest in online social communities and increased links provide new accessibility to untapped audiences.

Increased Brand Visibility - Well-optimized sites are easily accessible and help build effective brands with an international footprint.

Cost Effective – Effective can lead to lower overall cost-per-acquisition when used with other online spending.

Improved Site Usability – Our optimized clients have improved website usability, which leads to higher visitor retention and increased conversions overall.

24/7 Promotion –campaigns work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while other media is locked into a narrow schedule.Increased ROI – Search Engine Optimization delivers big results for overall ROI.