Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing projects has become a major activity for companies to have an advantage of price by increasing profitability and reducing the expenditures. Outsource your non-core tasks and get access to specialized skills and services. We at A.I.M.S. Technology Pvt. Ltd. (IT Outsourcing Company India) understand the clients outsourcing requirements and can act as an outsourcing unit for the clients to help them achieve more profit by providing the services at affordable rates. Save on money, time and infrastructure. Give your business the competitive edge. Your competitors are outsourcing & why aren't you?

Outsource Application Development to India

In today’s competitive environment, outsourcing application development projects has become the highly profitable option to increase profitability and reducing the expenditures. Outsourcing helps to gain a competitive edge on competition.

Among the countries that provide outsourcing services, India continues to lead the race. Despite threats from new outsourcing hubs springing up around the world, Indian outsourcing vendors lead the pack.

Why Us?

A.I.M.S. Technology Pvt. Ltd.'s  development centre is based in India. Our clients can have significant cost saving of around 50 – 60% on Manpower and Infrastructure as compared to their home country. A.I.M.S. Technology Pvt. Ltd. has worked with companies across the globe in maximizing their business goals. Whether it is providing transcription services to a small medical center or taking up engineering services for a large manufacturing organization, our breadth and depth of outsourcing experience has resulted in several long term customer partnerships.

Our Experience:

We have learned over the years that there is a recipe of success in outsourcing-a certain combination of preparation, processes and strategies that we have found to be advantageous for any project. We have experience in development and database management we can help the clients with team ready for development projects or create a team without wasting your time and assure immediate start of your project.

Our Expertise:

Access to expertise that we have would be too difficult or time consuming to hire and develop in-house for high end applications.

Our Dedicated Developers:

We can assist clients by providing experts and dedicated developers for their projects as per their requirements.

Are you looking for IT Outsourcing?

If you are interested in outsourcing any of the services offered by us or would like to know more about our services please contact us.